Summer is upon us and we have a lot of volunteers showing up to be good neighbors around Denver. Here are a few of the nice comments I’ve heard from residents and volunteers recently:

“We were so delighted to get the help from ECM. It’s such a psychological and emotional boost that I really derive a lot of motivation as a result of the help we get.” – West Colfax resident

“Thank you so much for having our team join ECM on Saturday! We had a great time and were blown away by the appreciation the neighborhood expressed. Extreme Community Makeover is an incredible organization and we hope to work with you all again in the future. Thank you.” – Volunteer group

Read on for ways you can volunteer and get involved in the near future!

Angela Bomgaars

Volunteer Opportunity : ECM Work Days in June

Join a Work Day happening in June:

To volunteer, register here. You will receive more specific details from there. Fill out the corresponding liability form as well, choosing “Individual” for the Group Name. Contact Angela if you have questions before signing up.

Extreme Yard Care

Extreme Yard Care, the yard care social enterprise launched by ECM this year, is open for business!! You can check out our website and the brochure below for more details and pricing info. Take a break and give Extreme Yard Care a chance to take care of your lawn for you. It’s yard care with a purpose and something you can feel good about supporting, knowing that your yard work is creating jobs right here in Denver.

EYC Website

Save the Day : ECM Fun Day

Join us for our annual volunteer appreciation BBQ, where we celebrate YOU – our amazing volunteers!



Thank You : May Volunteers

Thank you to all the volunteers who participated in ECM Work Days during the month of May!







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  Summer is upon us and we have a lot of volunteers showing up to be good neighbors around Denver. Here are a few of the […]
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