A Variety of Volunteers, from Bachelor Parties to Eagle Scouts!

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September 20, 2017
9.23.17 ECM Work Day – Swansea Neighborhood
September 27, 2017

A diverse team of volunteers, from men part of a bachelor party to an Eagle Scout Service Project, joined forces to clean up seven alleys in Westwood on Saturday, September 9, 2017.


John Wang, of Atlanta, and 11 other men arrived in Denver Thursday afternoon for bachelor party activities, which included giving back to the community they were visiting.

“It’s good team building to do something good for the neighborhood,” John said. “We’re putting our energy to good use.”

DSC_0125-XLTheir list of activities included rafting in the Royal Gorge on Friday followed by a night on the town in LoDo and the Highlands. The Westwood cleanup day fit well in their schedule and they were able to clean an alley and help a man who asked for help moving items from his yard before they were off to explore Red Rocks Amphitheater followed by a paint ball adventure.

“We are 12 able-bodied men in our 30s,” John said. “We can get a large amount of work done in a short amount of time.”

A few alleys east of the bachelor party, Harry Scott, led a group that spanned two alleys. This eighth-grader is on his journey to become an Eagle Scout.


“It’s more than just cleaning up,” Harry said. “It’s building something that will last.”

Harry said he had fun cleaning the alley, but the best memory for him was being part of a bonding experience. He was one of many people who shared the sentiment.

A group of Regis Jesuit High School students joined Extreme Community Makeover cleaning the three alleys in between John and Harry’s groups. The high school students were part of the school’s sixth annual Day for Others effort.


They said local residents thanked them verbally and by sharing cookies, water, and ice pops to demonstrate appreciation for their work in the neighborhood. Some students, including Meg O’Reilly, were able to use their skills from Spanish classes to communicate with some of the neighbors.

DSC_0237-XLMeanwhile, a few different groups of people joined forces in another portion of Westwood in the alley by Knapp Elementary School. They cleaned the alley, worked on landscaping, painted a fence, and added a plastic cup design in the fence. Individual volunteers as well as groups from Westwood Unidos Safety Committee, Redeemer Lutheran Church, and Marketo, Inc. worked to improve the view outside Knapp.

“I wanted to come out to help our community and do some good on a Saturday morning,” said Katie Pedroza, with Marketo.

~Joanna, Extreme Teams – Communications Team