One Big Family: Haselden Construction

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October 24, 2017
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Haselden Construction volunteered with Extreme Community Makeover on September 23, 2017. It was a fun day with over 100 volunteers from the company. It was great to have professional builders out on the Saturday Work Day. They helped with building two fences, they did a landscaping project, and they helped to put new siding on a home – all of which were beyond the scope of general volunteer work, and required some builder expertise. Extreme Community Makeover was thankful to have them!

Here’s a video Haselden Construction did for their Corporate Responsibility Day

“Haselden Construction is one big family,” says Tracy Mathieu, Director of Corporate Marketing. The volunteer day brought the “Haselden Family” together and allowed them to bond, while also giving back to others. “I got to meet some coworkers I have never met before, and I got the opportunity to learn about their families,” explains Toya Lewis a Project Accountant for the company. Toya was appreciative that ECM provided an opportunity to bring family members. She brought her daughter and her daughter’s best friend along so they could learn the importance of volunteer work.


“We plan on volunteering with ECM next year,” expresses Byron Haselden, CEO and President. As a leader in the community, he understands the importance of giving back. He values the commitment to his company, and to his employees, to build a company culture of service and giving back. Read Haselden Construction’s recent blog on the Volunteer Work Day, here.

Creating a company culture of giving back is very important. It can bring employees together, and it can help them to truly feel like a family. Learn about how your company can do a Volunteer Work Day in 2018. Give us a call at 720-235-8847.