The Extreme Community Makeover Command Center

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August 30, 2017
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The Backbone Behind ECM…Volunteers
September 8, 2017

The Extreme Community Makeover Command Center


Extreme Community Makeover hosts volunteer work days throughout the year. We’ve had as many as 500 volunteers on one Work Day. As you can imagine, there are many logistics to prepare for and keep track of for our volunteer days.  We realize the more organized we are, the more work the volunteers can contribute to the neighborhoods. Therefore, we’ve decided to implement a Command Center on each Work Day. The Command Center is always located near one of the the dumpsters and it is staffed by our Extreme Teams volunteers. It’s a place where volunteers can come for water and snacks and to ask questions. Here are some of the things implemented at the Command Center.

Tool Check-Out

There is a tool check-out sheet at the Command Center where each group participating is listed, along with the number of tools assigned to them. They can come to the Command Center to get additional tools and at the end of the day the volunteers can return the tools.

ECM Contest

Anyone, volunteers and neighborhood passers-by, can participate in the ECM contest. All they have to do is purchase 1 ticket for $5 or 5 tickets for $20. We have a different prize available each week.  People can purchase tickets throughout lunch. The winner is chosen around 1:00 pm on the Work Day, but they must be present to win.

Be A Good Neighbor Board

Again, anyone can participate in the Be A Good Neighbor Board – volunteers, residents, Extreme Teams, neighbors, etc. The goal is to write on a sticky note something that they can do to “be a good neighbor” to someone – making someone treats, taking someone out for coffee, mowing someone’s lawn, etc.  Creativity is the limit! People then place the sticky note on the board and then other people can grab a sticky note off the board if they are interested. This goes on throughout day. The goal of the Be A Good Neighborhood Board is to get neighbors interacting with neighbors.

For Sale Merchandise 

We have Extreme Community Makeover items for sale at the Command Center.


$10 each



$20 each


Local Decks

$20 each


Other Work Day Essentials

  • Trash Bags
  • Water
  • First Aid Kit
  • Snacks and Treats

What do you think about the ECM Command Center?

“You always have something to come back to, in case you have questions, or you are not feeling good. It’s great!” ~Volunteer, Rachel

“The Command Center is very well run, which makes it super-successful. Anything a volunteer would need will be right here, at their fingertips.” ~Maddie, Extreme Teams Volunteer

“I think it is really great to have one place that everybody knows to go. I’ve worked with ECM for about three years now. And, I wonder, how did we do this without a Command Center? It’s great to have one central location where we can get tools, information, and check-in and check-out. ~Ginger, Extreme Teams Volunteer

It’s guaranteed that when you volunteer for Extreme Community Makeover that you’ll be well taken care of. We want all our volunteers to get the most out of their Work Day. Register for an upcoming volunteer Work Day here.