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Program Team

Assist with allowing Work Days to run more smoothly through using check-in sheets once volunteers arrive, and project lists for all volunteer groups. Assist in setting-up, selling t-shirts, making sure liability forms are complete at check-in, overseeing lunch preparations, cleaning-up, and helping with any other tasks that arise during Work Days.
Communicate stories and create memories that happen during Work Days through taking photos of residents and volunteers. These photos will be used for website, print, and video communication, as well as social media. Take group photos that are utilized for personalized thank you postcards for our volunteers and residents.
Serve as a resource for the Project Leaders as needed through floating around to all projects during the Work Day to answer questions, trouble-shoot problems, and make sure the projects are completed to the best of our ability. Team members also distribute yard signs, and manage the dumpster and trash/debris removal.
Communicate the stories that happen during Work Days through capturing videos of residents and volunteers working together on projects, as well as shooting direct interviews. These videos will be used for blog posts, social media, and other types of communication.

Strategy Team

Tell stories through talking to residents and volunteers during Work Days in order to learn about their experience with ECM. Come up with a blog post after each Work Day, which could be a written article, photo article, video, or combination of all of the above.
Work on developing community relationships with residents and connect them with available resources in their community. Invite residents to get involved in their neighborhood through subsequent Work Days (or other ways). Build on the relationships that were started during Work Days.
Assist with fundraising events and build relationship with Group Leaders by serving as a resource to them throughout the Work Days. Connect with local businesses in the communities, and individual volunteers, in order to identify donors and financial partners for future Work Days.
Create a strategic approach to community relations in each of the neighborhoods where ECM works. Strengthen the impact ECM has in long-term community building efforts, while building relationships amongst neighbors.

Develop relationships with businesses that can provide project supplies at discounted prices or at no cost. Provide these resources to residents and volunteer groups and oversee the inventory of supplies borrowed from ECM.
Help translate during projects with our Spanish speaking neighbors. Initiate relationships with community residents through being part of the Survey Day and being a resource to the groups as they are out knocking on doors to identify projects.

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