A Couple That Volunteers Together, Stays Together

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August 10, 2017
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A Couple That Volunteers Together, Stays Together


On any given volunteer Work Day, you might see Patrick and Kenzie Dahnert volunteering together. And, if you do, make sure you say hello to the friendly couple, they’ll be glad you did. You’ll notice their positive attitudes and humble hearts to serve others as soon at your meet them.


The couple has been volunteering, together, with Extreme Community Makeover for about two years now. Patrick is on the Projects Team and Kenzie is on the Logistics Team. They make it a priority to serve Denver, even in their very busy schedules.

Volunteering together is a healthy activity, provides good quality time together, and provides a way to learn about your spouse in a unique way,” says Patrick. Kenzie adds, “We both have very busy schedules. We can get limited time together. So, volunteering with ECM has allowed us to do something together and establish some good quality time.”


Patrick and Kenzie started volunteering together when they were dating and just recently got married in Belize, this past April. They are counting on the good fortune of volunteering as a couple to be another tool to keep them strong in their marriage. Shared activities builds a strong relationship. “Building values together is great and helps us to bond as a couple,” remarks Kenzie.

dumpster 08-XLThe most memorable volunteer day for the couple has been when they tried carpooling together, “We are both on different Extreme Teams,” says Kenzie “and I had to set up lunch and then be at the Command Center later. Patrick is on the Projects Team and he needed to be hauling stuff around in the truck to the different project locations. The Command Center was about two to three miles away from where I was at. We were not able to coordinate a ride for me to the Command Center. So, I had to jog the whole way there, to get there in time. That was funny! It all worked out though.” Volunteering definitely provides opportunities to strengthen relationships by learning how to work together and learning how to resolve issues.

The couple truly enjoys and appreciates Extreme Community Makeover. “I like that it is local and community centric. Getting the neighbors out speaking to one another is great. The work itself is awesome. What I enjoy most about ECM is the deeper underlying value of trying to connect to neighbors,” explains Kenzie.

Pat ECMBoth Patrick and Kenzie do admit that it is rare to see other couples volunteering together. However, they do admonish others to make volunteering a part of their relationship lifestyle. “A lot of couples have different schedules and it’s nice to set aside a day to volunteer together,” says Patrick. Spending time together in a positive shared activity is a relationship value that, no doubt, enhances the fondness of that relationship.

If you are looking to strengthen any relationships in your life, consider volunteering with Extreme Community Makeover. Sign up today, click here.




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