Extremely Social: The Social Enterprise Business, Extreme Yard Care

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April 7, 2017
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Extremely Social: The Social Enterprise Business, Extreme Yard Care

You may have heard the term going around, “social enterprise.” The term has become very popular nowadays. These types of businesses are designed to improve local communities and tackle social problems, all the while making a profit to reinvest back into their community goals. The social enterprise business is defined as, “Businesses with primarily social objectives whose surpluses are principally reinvested for that purpose in the business or community, rather than being driven by the need to maximize profit for shareholders and owners.” They differ from a typical business in the commitment to impact the community is central to the mission of the business.

Extreme Community Makeover has decided to launch our own social enterprise business called Extreme Yard Care. Executive Director, Angela Bomgaars explains, “Extreme Community Makeover has been serving eight Denver neighborhoods for the past nine years. In that time, we have helped thousands of residents with one-time volunteer projects. But, I have seen the need for ongoing yard maintenance, not able to be provided by volunteers. I want to start Extreme Yard Care so we can meet these ongoing needs, while providing employment opportunities for individuals in the communities we serve. It’s a win-win for everyone, knowing the dollars you’re spending to maintain your yard are helping create local jobs for those who need them.”

Extreme Yard Care will be a seasonal yard care and neighborhood revitalization business with the mission of providing quality, affordable lawn care services to Denver residents and businesses while supporting the mission of Extreme Community Makeover and providing economic opportunity to residents in our target neighborhoods through employment.

Extreme Yard Care will allow us to continue the work we do through our nonprofit, Extreme Community Makeover,  while expanding our reach into the communities we serve by offering this for profit service. Extreme Yard Care will allow us to offer residents ongoing lawn care services that are available beyond one-time volunteer projects. Extreme Yard Care will also be for hire in the Denver area, to serve yard care needs outside of our target neighborhoods.

Throughout the years that Extreme Community Makeover has been operating in Denver communities, we have received numerous requests from residents asking about ongoing lawn care services that are available beyond one-time volunteer projects. So, we know all too well the need for lawn care services in the eight neighborhoods we serve in. Extreme Yard Care is now here to answer that call!

Help us raise $20,000 in seed funding for a truck, trailer, equipment, and other supplies needed to help us launch our social enterprise business, Extreme Yard Care!

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