The Benefits of Extreme Teams

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January 29, 2016
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February 12, 2016

The Benefits of Extreme Teams

Extreme Community Makeover is focused on strengthening neighborhoods, building up communities and changing individual hearts, one block at a time. And, of course, we wouldn’t be able to accomplish our goals without our volunteers. We are extremely thankful for the individuals and groups who have volunteered with us throughout the years.

Extreme TeamsIn order to be more effective and ensure that our goals are being reached in each neighborhood we serve, we’ve built our Extreme Teams. Extreme Teams are designed for individuals who are desiring to dig deeper into the communities and individuals we assist on each Work Day. We have 10 different Extreme Teams opportunities each residing under the Program Team or the Strategy Team.

We’ve asked a couple of our Extreme Team members some questions regarding their experience being on the teams.

What do you enjoy about being on an Extreme Team?

“I wanted to go above and beyond just volunteering, so I decided to find an Extreme Team that fit my personality.  I’ve met so many 0ther volunteers through being part of the Extreme Teams and it’s been a rewarding experience to see the transformation of the neighborhoods.  I love what ECM does and I really enjoy getting to know the other regular volunteers. Truly, one of my favorite things has been getting to know the people who work at the churches and other host facilities. I’ve learned a lot from them about what they do for the surrounding community and the services they provide to the homeless and underprivileged.”

~Connie, Logistics Team

What new skills have you gained from volunteering?

“I’ve learned a lot about landscaping, yard work, and outdoor projects in general. My own yard is tiny and I don’t do much with it. I’ve gotten a lot of experience working in other peoples’ yards.”

~Eric, Projects Team

Why did you choose to be involved with Extreme Teams?

“I choose to get involved because I am lucky enough to give some of my time and energy toward helping others. So often, the corporate world leads you to expect things in return for your efforts. Getting outside of that structure to give back, without the expectation of anything in return, helps remind me that there is more to life than favors for favors and exchanges for increased motivation and money. ECM Work Days keep me grounded with perspectives from different vantage points!”

~Brianne, Supplies Team

Extreme Teams


Being an Extreme Teams member is fun, rewarding, life-changing, and fulfilling. It can get you out of your box, giving you a different perspective and allowing you to meet new people. Please consider becoming an Extreme Teams member. You won’t regret it!

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