The Best Volunteer Experience in Town!

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March 2, 2018
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March 13, 2018

The Best Volunteer Experience in Town!

Volunteering on the Extreme Teams for Extreme Community Makeover is one of the best volunteer experiences in town! What better way to use your time and energy by utilizing your skills and interests for a great cause? ECM has ten unique volunteer opportunities on Extreme Teams, which are both fun and rewarding.

We interviewed three newcomers to the Extreme Teams to see why they picked ECM as their volunteer opportunity:

David – Photography Team

David heard about the Extreme Teams on Volunteer Match. “I was just looking for an opportunity to continue my hobby in photography and to challenge myself to meet new people,” says David. He looks forward to interacting with people in the community and getting some great photos. Finding an organization where his kids can get involved is extremely important to David as well.

Carlee – Follow-Up Team

Carlee was looking for a more long-term and consistent volunteer opportunity, which is why the Extreme Teams was a great fit.  “I want to thank Angela for being so well-organized, and I appreciate her hard work and communication. None of this would be possible without her,” expresses Carlee. Carlee appreciates the geniune and positive energy of the other Extreme Team members as well. “One of the key things for me was the opportunity to interact with the residents, answer questions about ECM, and be the face of this great organization,” Carlee says. She has a lot of volunteer experience, and the structure of ECM, the deeper of level of commitment, and the ability to interact with the community was a win-win for Carlee.

Michael – Projects Team

ECM is the most unique volunteer experience Michael has ever come across. “ECM is more organized, the people are more friendly, and it’s more focused on the people the organization serves,” explains Michael. This uniqueness grabbed his attention immediately. He also loves the idea of being able to work outside. “I’m looking forward to seeing the smiles on the faces when we help,” Michael says with a smile. He admits that ECM will help him put positive energy towards his free time, and help him to stay out of trouble. Michael is also looking forward to the challenge and being able to help out the community in a much greater capacity.

To learn more about the Extreme Teams and to sign up, click here.


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