The Neighborhood That Hosts the National Western Stock Show

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January 18, 2017
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February 1, 2017

The Neighborhood That Hosts the National Western Stock Show


We bet you know that the National Western Stock Show is going on, but do you know what neighborhood that is? That would be the Elyria neighborhood, which is one of the eight neighborhoods Extreme Community Makeover serves, located on the north side of Denver. Elyria was platted on March 29, 1881, by A. C. Fisk and C. F. Liner, President and Treasurer of the Denver Land and Improvement Company. Aside from its large amount of industrial and commercial development, the greatest influence on the Elyria area has been Interstate 70. Here are a couple of our favorite things, along with the stock show, in this long-standing Denver neighborhood.

National Western Stock Show

The National Western Stock Show had its first rodeo in 1906 on Monday, January 29.  The attendance was estimated at 15,000 people. Today, the stock show can have as many as 51,000 people in just one day, and it is held at the National Western Complex. This year’s stock show goes from January 7, 2017, to January 22, 2017. The stock show is the world’s largest by number of animals. The event should not be missed, especially if you’ve never gone before since it’s a Colorado tradition. Get your tickets here.

Colorado Miners

Colorado Miners is a nonprofit that resides in the Elyria neighborhood. The organization was established in 2004. It was founded to fill a void in the development of today’s youth and to give young people as many advantages as possible to be successful in life. The organization has a educational services, a food bank, they provide vaccinations for kids, fitness classes, provide school supplies, and more. ECM is very appreciative of this organization, as they have hosted many ECM Work Days in the neighborhood.

Butcher Block Cafe

If you’re on your way to or from the National Western Stock Show, make sure to check out the Butcher Block Cafe. It’s a little diner reminiscent of times past. It’s known for it’s good ol’ American food, with a fantastic breakfast, particularly the cinnamon rolls, which are their specialty. Here is a peek at their menu.

So, don’t be a stranger to this Denver neighborhood. ECM would love to see you this year, on a Work Day, in Elyria.


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