There Are People That Care

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January 19, 2018
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January 31, 2018

There Are People That Care

Extreme Teams member, Barbara Hatch, has been on the Projects Team for six years now. She truly enjoys being an Extreme Teams member because she feels that, in this way, she gets more opportunity to show people that she truly cares.

The Extreme Teams is a unique volunteer opportunity with Extreme Community Makeover that provides more hands on volunteer experience, than volunteering for just the typical Work Day.

Barbara is on the Projects Team, one of the ten Extreme Teams. The Projects Team members assist Work Day volunteers with questions they may have about their project, trouble-shoot problems, assist with project resources, and make sure the projects are completed. Team members also distribute yard signs and manage the dumpster and trash/debris removal.

“I like to see something completed,” exclaims Barbara, “It looks nice to see a project done and cleaned up. We’ve worked on projects, that in the beginning, look like a junk yard. Then, it gets transformed! Seeing the end result is very rewarding.”

The most valuable lesson Barbara has learned by volunteering on the Projects Team is that people need to know that others care. “It’s so important for ECM recipients to know that people actually care for them. Many of them are older, and some without a family. So, it truly makes them feel valued to have people help them. They are not a lost person!” passionately says Barbara.

Do you desire to change a life and show someone that you care? ECM has many more Extreme Teams opportunities to fit your particular skills and interests. They range from creating videos, to writing blogs, taking pictures, and helping with fundraising. Check out our ten different Extreme Teams opportunities and click here.



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