Volunteer Spotlight – Family Time

It’s a Block Party Kind of Day!
August 3, 2015
8.8.15 ECM Work Day – Barnum Neighborhood
August 11, 2015

Volunteer Spotlight – Family Time


We all know that volunteering is good for the soul. It brings a smile to those around us and helps transform our communities. Extreme Community Makeover has over 3,500 volunteers per year. We are privileged to meet wonderful people who are making a difference in our communities and reshaping lives.

The Gonzales Family at ECM Fun Day, 2014

The Gonzales Family at
ECM Fun Day, 2014

The Gonzales Family has been with Extreme Community Makeover for over seven years. Tammy and Charles have been volunteering with their two kids, Ethan and Ivy, on a regular basis. To them, giving their time to lend a helping hand is a great opportunity to spend time together as a family and helps them to bond. “Volunteering has taught me to work better with my family and with the community,” says daughter Ivy. And, they would all agree that, volunteering not only helps to strengthen them as a family, but it also is a lot of fun.

Ivy and GingerOne fond memory is of a Barnum resident Ginger. Ginger was  one of those people that you just don’t forget. She had spunk and charm. They enjoyed hanging out with Ginger and she truly touched them as a family. Ginger passed away a few months ago, but she will remain with them as a family and they are thankful to have enjoyed getting to know such a wonderful lady.

Extreme Community Makeover provides a unique opportunity for families, groups and individuals to get out into their communities and make a difference. The Gonzales family is grateful for their experience with ECM and they will continue to put a smile on someone’s face by giving their time through volunteering.


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