Volunteering with Co-workers

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September 2, 2015
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September 14, 2015

Volunteering with Co-workers

One of the best ways to bond with your co-workers is by volunteering. Volunteering helps build teamwork by fostering stronger relationships among colleagues. It’s also proven that volunteering lowers stress levels in individuals and this can contribute to higher productivity when employees are working. In addition, when volunteer activities are supported by employers, employees tend to have a more positive feelings towards their workplace.

Sarah Schmidt, with the PICU Sunshine with Children’s Hospital Colorado, knows all the benefits of volunteering, plus more. She has been coordinating the volunteer activities for the PICU unit for a couple years now. “We did a different neighborhood this year. So, it was neat to see the contrast. We had two new people this year who haven’t volunteered. And, just hearing them talk at work, they had an absolutely great time with the neighborhood. They really enjoyed the community involvement,” expresses Sarah.

The ECM Work Day for the PICU unit was a success! The team got to bond and enjoy getting to know each other better, all the while lending a hand to a deserving La Alma/Lincoln Park resident. “PICU Sunshine will definitely be volunteering again next year. We’ve had two great experiences, two back-to-back summers. And, we’re going to try and get more and more people involved every time we’re there. We see the positivity it has on the community,” says Sarah.


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