All About the Volunteers

Volunteering with Co-workers
September 10, 2015
9.12.15 ECM Work Day – Westwood Neighborhood
September 14, 2015

All About the Volunteers

Fall is here and ECM is approaching the home stretch to the end of our season. However, the energy amongst the volunteers indicated they were all in and very glad to be giving on this day. The day was focused on alley clean up, and our volunteers!

12004873_935365319843687_3063358718663186122_nVolunteering is defined as, “a person who performs a service willingly and without pay.” Willingly was certainly the attitude of the volunteers. Today, I personally focused on our ECM volunteers: Cherry Creek High School’s Big Sisters, Regis Jesuit Day for Others, Westwood Unidos, and our ECM Board of Directors. It was an eclectic community of people. However, everyone showed up with the same attitude and energy with enthusiasm for their service to our Denver neighborhoods, for their own communities, and for each other.

Once again, I was filled with pride for my fellow human beings. Pastor James’ energy was contagious as he shared his plans for creating stronger community involvement in the Westwood neighborhood. He said it is not like the old days where people came to the church, instead pastors need to go out into the community and inspire others to come to the church.11937453_935365223177030_5473959080297063294_nI was also impressed with the young ladies with Cherry Creek H.S. – Big Sisters. Maya, the team leader, spoke about all the other organizations she and her group have worked with. She said she would like to get The National Honor Society group involved in the ECM efforts, as well. These ladies focused on their task with ease and a smile.

Rebecca Thompson, a mother of student at Regis High School, was working with her sons and her husband. They all happily went about their work. Rebecca said that every year more than 900 volunteers in the Regis community come together for Regis Jesuit Day for Others. She said this was an opportunity to meet other families at the school, and to meet new people at the projects they worked out. She said this was an opportunity to meet other families at the school, and to meet new people at the projects they worked out. Rebecca  explained that this work has inspired her to go back to her own neighborhood to see what kind of support they needed. Rebecca hopes that volunteering will plant a seed in their children to want to continue to help others the rest of their lives. Regis requires their students to graduate with a number of service hours to their community. Volunteering is something both Rebecca and her husband said is rewarding and they look forward to the event every year.

Each of my work days with ECM has deepened my respect and gratitude for this work, and especially my faith in people. I am continually shown the good in others, the need and want for community and connection, and the inspiration that comes from spending time with the residents and volunteers. Thank you, again, volunteers for your beautiful spirits and for your service!

~Lisa Baude

Communications Team 



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