Red Rocks Church Youth

6.27.15 & 6.28.15 ECM Work Days – Elyria Swansea Neighborhood
June 29, 2015
Cooperation, Connection, Volunteering
July 10, 2015

Red Rocks Church Youth

Red Rocks Church joined in on the extreme community makeover on June 16 & 17, 2015. The church had around 300 youth volunteers!

Westwood Resident Testimonials:

“I really like the kids. They are really cool. It’s awesome that I can get some help. They’re doing a lot of yard work, doing weeds, cutting the dead rose bushes, fixing my gate where I can open it without hurting my arm because it’s hard for me to open and shut. Painting my house is the biggest thing. My house will look brand new almost.” ~Susan

“They helped me paint and cut the grass, cut down a bush and get rid of some weeds. It was a real big help because of the moisture. It just grew so fast.” ~Mark

Today they came by in the morning to trim up our tree. I was very appreciative. Thank you for all that hard work. You were here early. You guys cleaned up everything which was amazing. Thank you for all the help and thank you for making our community look cleaner and better.” ~Isaac

“This has been a really great help. The Extreme Community Makeover has saved us a lot of time with a lot of stuff we really could not get done ourselves and we really appreciate it. And, we want to say God bless to all the kids that came and helped us today.” ~Cindy

“I appreciate very much Extreme Community Makeover for helping me clean my yard. Thank you again Extreme Community Makeover.” ~Rodrigo


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